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Denzel Washington – Heights as well as the Depths in Air plane

When you get on an airplane, whether you’re a regular traveller or a white-knuckle bundle of anxiety, it’s fine occasionally to be greeted by the pilot. The trip is in his or her hands. Pilots recognize what they’re doing, correct? Everything will be very well.

In an excellent “Flight,” the various passengers on Whip Whitman’s (Denzel Washington) trip have a bit to be anxious about. Aside from facing an approaching storm, the pilot has a secret. He’s an alcoholic.

Whip is suddenly awakened the morning of the flight by an annoying call from his ex-wife. It’s really the morning after the night before, with his extremely gorgeous, flight employee Katerina Marquez (Nadine Velazquez) in the hotel room with him.

In full pilot uniform as well as sunglasses, he self-confidently enters the plane looking, well, looking very Denzel, to the influential “Gimme Shelter” as background music. His first officer, Ken Evans (Brian Geraghty), is a small green. Lovely Katerina (“Trina”) is a managing coach. Whip even takes a small nap during the flight. Then the plane factually falls apart. With an engine on fire as well as no control, Whip tells Evans they’re going to turn over the plane. (“We’re gonna do what?”) He rolls it, upside down, right side up, with luggage falling on available screaming passengers. Extremely, he fruitfully lands it in a field, with churchgoers running for their lives. In later testing as well as the re-enactment of the flight, it’s proven that no one – no one – could have landed that plane, with only four dead among the 102 survivors. Trina was one lucky of them.

Whip ends up in a hospital. He’s visited by Charlie Anderson (Bruce Greenwood), who tells him he’s a hero. He’s all over the news. (A lovely bit of trivia: Greenwood and Washington acted together in “St. Elsewhere” in the 1980s.) He’s also visited by Harling Mays, his drug contact (John Goodman, a real scene-stealer). Charlie then introduces Whip to lawyer Hugh Lang (Don Cheadle), who tells him a blood test revealed alcohol in his system. Because there were deaths, that could lead to a trial – and the death penalty.

Whip tries to hide out at his father’s farm to avoid the press as well as pours all the booze down the sink. Then a meeting with the lawyer paints a frightening picture, as well as he heads to a bar. A hearing is planned to take place. He’s sequestered in a hotel room the night prior to, swearing to stay sober, but decimates a next-door minibar. After that comes the hearing. You have to see for yourself.

Denzel Washington tries to balance the panache of the experienced pilot with the terrible plight of alcoholism. As cocky as he looked incoming the plane, he later shows the downward spiral of his peak weakness. He’s been lauded for his presentation, and there’s Oscar buzz. He’s previously won Best Supporting Actor as well as Best Actor.

Who says you have to be skilled in movies? Did you head to the theatre to see the latest, or wait to rent it? The most recent from Denzel Washington, “Flight,” is worth the price of the ticket as well as the popcorn. Don’t miss it.


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