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Angelina Jolie Voight meaning beautiful little angel, She was born in Los Angeles, California, on the 4th June 1975. Nicknamed Angie; she is the cute daughter of Academy award-winning artist Jon Voight. Her mother Ms Marcheline Bertrand, as well as her brother James, was raised by their mother after their parents’ division. Her mother also a great actress gave up her acting profession and moved with them to Palisades, New York.

As a youngster, Angie regularly saw all movies and this is what stimulated her to grow to be an actress. By 11 she was previously at Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute where she taught for around 2 years and also appeared in more than a few stage shows. She left the institute at her age of 14 and came back to theatre learning as well as graduated from high school. At the Beverly Hills High school, she felt cut off from the kids of the more elite families. Her self-admiration was at an all-time low as she wore eyeglasses, braces as well as was very thin, Her early attempts to become model also unsuccessful. It was from here that she developed the aggressive instincts, by cutting herself. Primarily she started as a fashion model as well as appeared in more than a few music videos. Though Angie made her screen presence as a child together with her father Jon Voight in the 1982 film “Looking to Get Out”, Jolie’s acting career started a decade later with the low fund’s film “cyborg2”. She acted in more than a few films after that, though the films did nothing for her acting carrier, she left a feeling on the minds of the general public as a brilliant actress.

In 1997 her biographical movie “George Wallace” brought her appreciation and she won the Golden Globe Award, she was also designated for the Emmy Award. In the year 1998, she won her 2nd repeated Golden Globe Award for her presentation in HBO’s “Gia”. Her acting profession was going to be a big hit from now on, bringing her appreciation as well as several awards. She was launched as a wonderful female Action star from her film “Tomb Raider”. She is also established to play the task of Cleopatra in the remake of “The Queen of Nile, Cleopatra: A life “.

Angelina Jolie is a great successful actress, but in latest times her name has been linked with a lot of caring work. While filming for “Tomb Raider” in Cambodia, she became attentive of the humanitarian crisis. Since then she has been connected with UNHCR as a goodwill envoy.

She has visited many countries where some form of tragedy has struck the human beings as well as helped them in whatever capability she could. She has visited Cambodia, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Pakistan, Ecuador, Colombia, and Kenya in addition to many other countries. She has also taken up lots of Philanthropic work. She has received broad respect for her humanitarian work. She is the foremost recipient of the recently created citizen of the world award as well as several other awards in recognition to her excellent work. She has also been privileged with the title “Khanum Sahiba” In the remote area of Pakistan’s Swat valley.

Angelina Jolie got married two times before being associated with another well-known Personality, Brad Pitt. They have three biological children as well as three adopted children.




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