John Travolta – The Best of Hollywood

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John Travolta – The Best of Hollywood

John Travolta a great personality was born on 18th February 1954. He is not only a great actor but also a famous singer as well as a dancer. He rose to fame in the 70s after making an introduction on a television series then recognized as Welcome Back, Kotter. After that, he went forth and starred in two consecutive box office movies, that is Saturday Night Fever and Grease that was really received by the masses. In the 90s, John Travolta received the latest lease of life with respect to his professional career when he was given a task in the movie Pulp fiction. There has been no looking back thereafter with thriving movies, for example, Face Off, Ladder 49 and Wild Hogs. He has been designated twice for the prestigious Academy Award as the most excellent Actor. He has won an award for the most excellent actor in the Golden Globe Award in the movie Get Shorty.

John Travolta Early age facts

John Travolta is the youngest one of six children and was born as well as brought up in a small town in New Jersey known as Englewood. His father was a skilled footballer who later turned to tire sales as well as went to be an associate in a tire company. His mom who was also an actress and singer starred in a radio vocal group referred to as The Sunshine Sisters. Thereafter, she went on to become a high school teacher and direct drama plays.

Travolta early career life

After completing his high school time, John Travolta shifted from his early day’s hometown to New York where he managed to catch a role in Grease and Broadway, where he sang the famous song Dream Drummin a song that has previously been sung by the Sherman brothers. Having achieved great successes in his previous roles, Travolta decided to shift to Los Angeles so as to further his career in showbiz.

He earned his initial film role where he played the task of a fall victim in the series Emergency Season Two. That was way back in the year 1972. His major role was to come afterwards when he was given a part in the film Carrie when he played the task of a bully named Billy Nolan.

As a singer, John Travolta was a winner when he released a hit single entitled let Her In. It was number 10 on the Billboard Hot 100. The 70s were a victory for Travolta when he had one thriving movie after the other, i.e. Saturday Night Fever and Grease.

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He also had a big movie called “Look Who’s Talking” at that time which helped him renew his acting occupation. His other prominent movies are “Broken Arrow”, an action movie, “Face/Off”, “Get Shorty”, “Ladder 49” and lots of more. He is a very well recognized celebrity and a top actor because he is still on a few huge projects which might land him added fame. He is, however, though to be the actor of yesteryears since many other youngsters have taken over. The 90s being his top days because of his rise to recognition through a second chance similar to a wild-card entrant.

His future project is “From Paris with Love” together with his wife Kelly Preston who shares the lead. In 2008, he was designated under the Best Original Song category for the film Bolt. He is a brilliant person with outstanding singing qualities.

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