Johnny Depp awesome movies

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Johnny Depp awesome movies

Any time you desire to talk about some of the most admired actors working nowadays, one person that has to be mentioned is Johnny Depp. Ever since his character on 21 Jump Street, Depp has grown to be a very popular performer, for both males as well as female audiences, old plus young alike.

But which are the best movies of his tenure? These are a few of my strong recommendations of Johnny Depp films to look at

It is hard to make a list of Johnny Depp films as well as not include a Tim Burton directed movie. A big portion of his movies have been directed by this original direct, and at this point, it’s starting to turn into a bit excessive. If I had to decide one film from their list of films together, though, I would have to say Alice in Wonderland is my beloved.

One bigger movie of Johnny Depp is Once Upon A Time in Mexico. This film is the third instalment of the El Mariachi series, the second instalment of which was Desperado. All these three films were directed by Mr Robert Rodriguez.

If you are searching for an outside the box movie that Johnny Depp has starred in, look no additional than The Astronaut’s Wife. Depp plays an astronaut in this film, whose personality takes a random turn when he encounters a supernatural light in space.

My preferred role that Johnny Depp has played over the past years is the part of George Jung in the film, Blow. This is an unbelievable movie and in my truthful opinion, one of the most excellent movies of the past decade.

One other film that I was mainly moved by was Chocolate. I tend to stay away from movies of the romantic genre, but as they said in the film I Love You, Man, this film was just charming.

As the year’s pass, let’s hope that Depp decided to go away Tim Burton projects on hold as well as pursue a wider array of movies.


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