Karnataka high court’s finding of fact over Kaala’s release

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Karnataka high court’s finding of fact over Kaala’s release
It is accepted that Rajinikanth’s Kaala is facing problems to release in Karnataka. Initially, there was a ban staged over the release of the film and Dhanush, the producer of Kaala filed a case in Karnataka judicature exigent a finding of fact over this issue.

The hearing was addressed and Dhanush’s legal team created their purpose by stating films and Politics area unit two various things and it shouldn’t be perceived jointly. They additional raised that a giant budget film like Kaala can face monetary leap if it fails to unharness during a state.

After the hearing, a finding of fact has been given by the court that they’ll not intervene within the ban however, has determined to produce security for the individuals coming back ahead to watch the film just in case consent is given by Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce to release the film.

Dhanush has additionally been requested to present the list of theatres in Karnataka wherever the film is releasing so as to provide security.