Top 5 Worst Movies Intonation of All Time

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1. Anne Hathaway – One Day

Anne Hathaway

No one will accuse Hathaway of not giving each role her all, and indeed she is commonly reviled for showing as if she’s making an attempt “too onerous.” sadly, her efforts failed to pay off during this 2011 tale that needed her to adopt a geographical region accent to match the book’s UK setting.

Hathaway seems to leap between varied (possibly made-up) British dialects together with her hodgepodge accent, and it doesn’t facilitate that she’s paired with Britain-born Jim Sturgess in virtually each scene, that highlights however pretend her accent sounds.

It will seem that wife was ready for what was returning to her, telling BBC America’s Tom Brook in 2011 “This book has numerous fans that I felt like once I was making ready the accent that I had a dam of criticism simply waiting to return down on American state at the slightest boner, thus once I got comfy thereupon then you only abandoning — and let it happen. however it absolutely was a giant challenge.”

Thankfully, wife spent most of 2012’s Les Miserable linguistic communication with a rather British twang instead of speaking with a full-on accent, which can have helped her land the accolade. It will leave United States of America to marvel although, why was it thus necessary for wife to aim a British accent during this film regarding 2 students, one among whom simply may are America while not majorly displeasing the plot, however it wasn’t necessary for her to adopt a French accent for a movie regarding the French Revolution?

2. Tom Cruise – Far and Away

Tom Cruise

If there’s one common theme during this list, it’s that pull off a spot-on Irish accent is hard for even American’s biggest stars. Tom Cruise’s accent in so much and Away, whereas additional excusable than Richard Gere’s try within the canine, is pretty atrocious. Cruise plays a nineteenth century Irish farmer during this heavy-handed film aboard Nicole Kidman.

Kidman, for her half, conjointly dons a reasonably weak clodhopper, however it’s not nearly as ridiculous as Cruise’s immoderate, stereotypic accent that usually drops out once he raises his voice. For a superb example, verify the “say you prefer my hat!” scene, wherever Cruise screams at Kidman to mention she likes his hat, and utterly loses his accent within the method, morphing into his character in a very Few sensible Men reprehension Jack Nicholson.

Negative reviews for the film identified not solely Cruise’s dangerous accent, however conjointly the film’s skinny plot and therefore the poor chemistry between Cruise and Kidman, United Nations agency ironically enough were married at the time. Roger Ebert praised the films lavish set and spectacular photography, which can have galvanized director Daffo Howard to direct the infinitely higher Phoebus Apollo thirteen 2 years later.

3. Johnny Depp – Blow

Johnny Depp - Blow
Johnny Depp

Blow may be a film that nearly all inflexible Depp fans love. A gritty, devout portrayal of illustrious cocain kingpin George Jung, Blow is certainly a robust showcase for Depp’s raw, emotional talent, however one factor that’s laborious to ignore is his overdone, stereotyped Bean Town accent.

In fairness to Depp the Bean Town accent, even once done dead, usually still comes out sounding ridiculous. However, Depp very misses the mark here by over-exaggerating each word and agitated out any try at subtlety, that has helped different actors sound a lot of authentic (see designer Dicaprio within the Departed).

The issue could are less noticeable if it weren’t for the very fact that an outsized portion of Blow is narrated offscreen by his character, that very shone a spotlight on his subpar accent while not the distraction that comes from observation Depp do some excellent acting. Thankfully, he gave the impression to learn from his mistakes and came back in 2015 with a stronger and a lot of presumptive Bean Town accent as white person Bulger in Black Mass.

4. Richard Gere – The Jackal

Richard Gere - The Jackal
Richard Gere

The canid could be a ridiculous film, full of crazy Bruce Willis wigs and Jack Black cameos whereas at the same time making an attempt to pass itself off as a heavy dramatic heroic tale. That being aforementioned, it’s a fun watch, created all the additional fascinating by Richard Gere’s hard Irish accent. Gere could be a tremendous actor, however in his role as Associate in Nursing ex-IRA terrorist operating with the law enforcement agency he selected to travel with a Lucky Charms leprechaun-sounding work shoe in some scenes, whereas shifting to a British or maybe American-like whisper in others.

What’s additional, Gere’s accent isn’t even the sole unhealthy one during this 1997 vital flop. yankee player Diana Venora is additionally featured as a chain-smoking Russian MVD operative, and he or she lays it on method too thick, business to mind classic “Boris and Natasha” cartoons.

5. Nicolas Cage – Captain Corelli’s Mandolin

Nicolas Cage – Captain Corelli’s Mandolin
Nicolas Cage

There was over one Nicolas Cage performance that would have created this list. His infamous southern accent in Con Air involves mind, however a minimum of that appeared to work the tasteless, immoderate sort of that pic. What makes Cage’s terrible accent in Captain Corelli’s chordophone therefore inexcusable is that this can be a movie that’s making an attempt urgently arduous to be taken seriously, however with every word spoken by its title character we tend to move any faraway from the plot.

Set in Greece throughout war II, Captain Corelli’s chordophone was meant to be a sweeping war romance epic, and Cage’s Captain Corelli purported to be epitome of Italian charm. Instead, what we tend to get could be a stiff Cage performing some variety of Mario brothers imitation. To quote The Washington Post’s Rita Kemply, “Cage’s ancestors might have come back from the native land, however he’s no additional Italian than American SpaghettiOs.”

The film was a significant flop within the U.S., netting solely $25,543,895 domestically with a budget of $57 million. whereas it managed to try and do slightly higher overseas, several fans of the book left defeated by each Cage’s poor accent and therefore the liberties the director took with the novel’s original plot.